Your donation can help make the wonders of diving accessible to people with disabilities through our Passion of Diving program. By supporting us, you’re not only enabling unforgettable underwater experiences but also fostering inclusivity and empowerment within our community.

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Passion of Diving

Your donation goes directly towards providing essential equipment and resources for divers with disabilities through Passion of Diving. With your support, we can ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to explore the wonders of the underwater world safely and comfortably. Every donation, regardless of size, enables us to acquire specialized equipment such as adaptive scuba gear, wheelchair-accessible dive boats, and assistive technology to ensure a fulfilling diving experience for all participants. Thank you for your generosity in equipping divers of all abilities!

Ways To Donate:

  • Online Donation: Visit our website to contribute securely and directly impact the accessibility of diving equipment.
  • Mail a Check: Make checks payable to Passion Of Diving and mail to
    18 Croilar Na Mistralach Tralee CO.KERRY to help us purchase adaptive diving gear.
  • Corporate Matching: Maximize your impact by checking if your employer offers a matching gift program for equipment purchases.
  • In-Kind Donations: Consider donating specific equipment or contributing towards our equipment fund to enhance our dive experiences for individuals with disabilities.
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